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To the Wheel of Time Server - A New Beginning

This server is built for the Never Winter Nights 1 game engine, under the open source Mirror Worlds Project, and is based on the world acclaimed Wheel of Time series of books by Robert Jordan.

We offer a rich persistent world with customised Wheel of Time Canon content, online Storytellers and great world features.

 We are complete! Come join the forums and meet us.

bulletConversion to CEP 2.2 is complete. (running NWN 1.69 and CEP2.2 now. CEP 2.3 conversion is planned)

bullet415 maps complete!

bulletRegions: Tarwin's Gap, the Blight and Shadar Logoth are now in!

bulletWheel of Time Custom weaves are completed

bulletRewards for finding items, from met for the table and leather to Trolloc badges!

bulletNew traps added: fire, acid, poison, spear, arrow and tangle traps, extending up to Level 40.

bulletNew Wheel of Time poisons added: Peach Pit, Crimsonthorn, Sunburst Root and Dogwort and more...

bulletNew Wheel of Time herbs added: Too many to list!

More detail...

bulletOpen development accepting community contributions

bulletWoT canon world with all customised classes & >400 weaves

bulletCustom graphics, clothing, WoT weapons, 4 body types, rideable horses

bullet13 playable factions including : 

            b White, Black & Little Towers
b Warders in Training
b Aiel
        b Children of Light
b Band of the Red Hand
b Kin
b Darkfriend
b Gleeman
b Illuminator
b Wolfkin
b Ogier

bulletStory based DMing with Roleplay rewards

bulletScripted solo & party quests, unique treasure generation

bulletHeavily customised Jaspere's combat AI, including Fades, Trollocs, Chanellers, Void Archers, Blademasters and more - the toughest out there!

bulletPlayer crafting, housing & horses with saddlebags, furniture, persistent chest storage, gardens & signs

bulletClick here for more features...